About Us


About Telecom Income

Telecom income traces its geneses to October 2000, when it started its operations in United Kingdom. Currently, Telecom Income has its Sub Office in Bahrain while it's originated in UK. With the commitment to provide quality services, Telecom income has become a leading, global, multicultural telecommunications and marketing company because of its highly sophisticated infrastructure and wide Range of Premium Rate Numbers and Premium Rate SMS.

A part from Our C.E.O to everyone at Telecom Income has a part to play in continuing to deliver reliable services along with secure and friendly environment.

Our Vision

To be the leading International Premium Rate numbers and Audio Text Solutions Provider in the region by achieving customer satisfaction and trust.


Our Core Focus

Telecom Income has three big goals:

  • 1. Help our customer to improve their business skills in telecommunication regarding IPRN and Continuity of our other services.
  • 2. "Quality" and "Time" conscious customer service
  • 3. An organizational environment that fosters professionalism Integrity and Teamwork by valuing our customers.

As we hope you will soon experience, Telecom income is 100% focused on customer service. With our experienced and enthusiastic team, our telecoms technology expertise, and our extensive client base, Telecom income looks forward to working with you soon.