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Frequently Asked Questions


International Premium rate numbers can be used for voice and data services, voting, live chats, call TV, quiz shows, horoscopes, voice internet access and much more. Service providers such as TV stations, internet portals, mobile content suppliers, or indeed any company which requires an alternative method of charging its customers by phone, is a potential partner of Telecom Income. International Premium Rate Numbers are based on a Pay per Minute system, where the content provider can decide the amount to charge the customer.

We welcome anybody who can generate traffic (calls) to premium numbers to sign up. We welcome all customers from any country to become our partners. If you have any other inquiry regarding Domestic or International Premium Rate Numbers or other service please contact us.

It is very easy. You just need to register. Then request the numbers you want. You will receive your numbers very fast. Usually complete within 1-2 hour. In the majority of cases we have numbers ready and waiting in stock.

Yes you will be provided with your own account to check on your stats online whether it's live calls, calling history, your financial balance, also you can request numbers online with your account and much more.

For your conveniency we provide you with our test portal service. Login info for test account
Username: test
Password: test

You can contact our sales team 24x7 for access information also Telecom Income provides you with Access App to keep you updated.

Telecom Income transfers the funds to its clients according to their desired method; you just need to update your payment method details in your profile to register with Telecom Income you not need to have company bank account.