Our Wide Range of Global (IPRN) Numbers

Telecom Income Welcomes you to our wide range of International Premium Rate Numbers with completive higher rates. Step 1<< Enter your desired destination name or prefix in search box to get rates Step 2<< Select your desired range and Make a call on test number in order to check access. Congratulations! If you're hearing at IVR "Your test call is successful. Please contact your sales advisor or visit our portal www.premiumstats.biz" that means you have got access. If not, then please scroll down to test our vast ranges. Hurry UP! Step 3<< After having successful test call you can add numbers at your own by logging in to your account or you can contact our sales team for number allocation.

Available Test Numbers

Billing Group Test Numbers

Test Number CDRs

Start Time End Time Destination DDI CLI Duration